Marko Mihkelson  is a Member of Estonian Parliament and he is a member of the liberal

Reform Party (Renew Europe). He is a Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Marko

Mihkelson was first elected to the Parliament in 2003 and is currently serving his fifth

mandate. He has served in previous parliaments as a Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee,

Chair of EU Affairs Committee and Chair of National Defense Committee. Between 2000

and 2003 he worked as the Director of the Baltic Centre for Russian Studies, from 1997 to

2000, he was the Editor-in-Chief of the biggest national daily newspaper Postimees and from

1994 to 1997, he was Postimees’s correspondent in Moscow. He has a MA degree in History

from the University of Tartu. He is chairing Council of Foreign Relations of Estonia and he is a Member of the Council of the European Council of Foreign Relations and ICDS. He is author of the books „Russia: In Dusk and Dawn“ (2010) and “The Disruptive Era” (2018). Twitter: @markomihkelson

Member of Estonian Parliament